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coolest gadgets we saw at CES 2017

It’s difficult to narrow down everything that happened at CES this year. We met tons of promising new startups and went hands-on with brand new gadgets on the floor of the expo hall, nightly events and on our Hardware Battlefield stage. These, in no particular order, were the hottest hardware startups and most interesting gadgets from the show, and you can find our full coverage of this year’s event here.

Plume is a wearable device that tracks pollution around you – kind of like a Fitbit for air quality if you will. It tracks particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide, ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), temperature and humidity. It can be clipped to a bag and is designed for people who live in big polluted cities.

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The smart toaster is here. The Griffin Connected Toaster has a slider on the app that lets you micromanage how toasty your bread is. On one side is an icon of a white piece of bread. On the other is one that’s all black. Ridiculous or brilliant?

Checking your blood alcohol content with a breathalyzer while out with some friends might just be a party trick — but if you really wanted to know it to figure out whether or not you should have another drink, it might be awkward to pull one out. Milo Sensors is a company built around wearable sensors that detects various chemicals in your body based on perspiration from your skin with this wristband.

Kuri is an adorable little robot designed for the home. The robot is the first product from Mayfield Robotics, a startup fully owned and funded by Bosch. Kuri responds to voice input and in this way is similar to other devices like Google Home or Amazon Echo. But she responds with robot noises, lights and blinking motions. She was built to be a companion and an assistant. There’s a processor on board to handle tasks like voice and image recognition processing, and it’s programmable through tools like IFTTT to expand its feature set.

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