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best technology gifts for men

The hottest technology gifts money can buy this Christmas, including TVs, cameras and the latest MacBook Pro

Amazon Echo
The Amazon Echo is here, just in time for Christmas. Building on voice-controls’ various abortive starts (we’re talking to you, Siri) Amazon’s mini-monolith sits in a discreet corner and hangs on to your every word, letting you order cabs, run Spotify playlists, turn your heating up (via smart-home system Hive), get a takeaway, search Google and myriad more besides – all at the sound of your voice. For now, you’ll have to muddle past a few “I can’t let you do that, Dave” moments, but more apps and functions will roll out as the year goes on and pretty soon you’ll find yourself forgetting what you ever used your hands for.

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Porsche Design Huawei Mate 9
If you're a die-hard Android fan - or just want a high-end phone you can plug your headphones into - the Porsche Design Huawei Mate 9 is your new handset. It has a curved 2k screen, dual cameras built in collaboration with Leica and a massive 6gb of ram to power it all. There's also a function that, essentially, defrags the software so it'll run faster for longer. It's pricey, but it comfortably has the edge over Samsung's Galaxy S7.

Astell & Kern AK70 hi-res audio player
Decent hi-res audio players were once so expensive that no amount of extra sound definition could justify the price to anyone not on a CEO's salary. Astell & Kern, however, is now selling models for less than £500 – and the most advanced is the AK70. Launched in June, it comes with features that you'd normally expect on much higher-end versions: Wi-Fi connectivity (for fast firmware updates or streaming to and from the device), and a balanced output option. There's also an SD card to expand its storage capacity to 200GB. The latest edition (pictured) comes in jet black

Beoplay H9 headphones
We’ve always been a fan of B&O Play’s headphones, so were seriously excited when the company announced its new flagship model. The previous iteration, the Beoplay H8, had all the noise cancelling and wireless tech that you get with the new version, but it was only available in on-ear design. The Beoplay H9, however, is a luxurious over-ear affair that looks, feels and – importantly – sounds as good as its price tag might imply. Our advice? Opt for the stylish new “argilla grey” colour scheme.

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